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FAQs for i4M

November 25, 2014 by admin

FAQs for i4M


How do I earn Commission?

You can earn commission by Introducing Customers to our vetted Suppliers and by helping them make sales. Our Suppliers are then happy to pay commissions at the rates specified.


When will I get paid?

Different Suppliers have different timetables some are monthly one or two are quarterly, check their details, but we pay you within 10 days of receiving the money.



What sort of clients are the Suppliers looking for?

Each Supplier is looking for something different check their details, some are looking for clients of a certain size some only small ones.

How do I recognise an opportunity?

All the suppliers have helped with this process you can check our blog and look under the top 3 questions to ask for each category, these will help you identify opportunities and make great commissions.


How do I make an Introduction?

Just use the Introduction form and the details are automatically sent to the Supplier, be as helpful as possible so that everyone wins, your client the supplier and you.

I am interested in becoming a Supplier, what do I do?

Just email the boss at Marcus@i4m.biz with some details and he will be in touch.

What if I want to Introduce my own company and buy direct?

Our Suppliers are not able to pay commissions for direct sales, our advice, find a friend to Introduce you. Any problems drop us a line.

I do not want to take commissions what should I do?

We can do 1 of three things for you.

1   Donate to a charity of your choice on your behalf.

2  Pay the commission to your contact that you introduced.

3  Keep the commission.


The chocse is down to you