About Introduce 4 Money

Introduce 4 Money has been set up in response to many of our over 8,000 contacts who looking for better value from their valuable referrals from their connections. There is now an opportunity to earn 2nd 3rd 4th income streams on an ongoing basis, and for it to continue even when you are not working.

Rather than waste your referrals at networking groups or give them to contacts who never seem to do anything in return, look at our Experts who are willing to share revenues.

There is no selling expected from our Introducer’s just sharing the knowledge that comes from be able to not only recognise an opportunity but also from wanting to help your connections get what they need.

The website acts as a brokerage between the Introducer and the Experts and facilitates an environment of great service and trust and the best part is both parties can earn some great incomes.

We have structured as many of the deals as possible as life time deals, in that the Expert will continue to pay a commission for as long as the introduced client continues to buy from them, even if the Expert leaves the site.

The site has been set up by business people with decades of experience in many kinds of industries and we look forward to helping everyone who joins us in wanting to earn more.