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2nd Income ? Top Attributes of i4M Introducers

December 11, 2014 by admin

So do you have them, can you earn a 2nd Income?

We have found that these top five attributes apply to our best Introducers who are already earning 2nd incomes.

• Understands the value of their referrals.
• Has business connections that they enjoy helping.
• Self motivated
• Is able to see opportunities beyond what they do everyday.
• Wants to earn from multiple income streams.

So do you think you have what it takes to join us ? You can Apply Now.
We are looking for all kinds of Introducers, those who are able to look at their networks and the meetings they sit in and hear the opportunities as they arise. Introducers who can think about what they are hearing and recognise that actually they do know someone who could solve the problem for their contact. Is that you? Start earning a 2nd income, Apply Now by clicking here i4M Application 

We are continually vetting new suppliers from all over the country, those that not only offer a great service or product but are willing to pay, and in most cases, an ongoing revenue every time the introduction you supply buys from them. 2nd income or even 3rd and 4th incomes.
Already we have Telephony, Mobile, Capital Allowances as well as Data Back up and Merchant Credit Cards, and others. So even if you have good contacts that you may already be earning money from, there will be others on this list who you can engage with. Are you ready to Apply?  i4M Application
All our Suppliers provide great tips on how to get Introductions for them, we call them the top 3 questions to ask, we all carry them around with us so if the situation arises we can help our contacts.

Did I mention the Money Back Guarantee and the free online back up offer?


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